Pensiunea Ana Maria ****
Pensiunea Ana Maria ****

Pensiunea Ana Maria ****

Pensiunea Ana Maria ****

Boarding house Ana Maria****

On the DJ 209F road from the Arbore township, we are entering into Solca depression (500m). The city with the same name says welcome to you with his ozonized air. Certified in documents only in 1418, during the reign of Alexandru cel Bun, Solca however knows an old habitation that can be counted with milleniums.

The main advantage of the site consists in his location on the edge of pine forest, 100m of the road that connects Radauti city with Gura Humorului, but that it was in the middle against the monasteries of Bucovina.

Given the position chalet, you can organize tours both at monasteries in the county but also trips on different routes, and to spend nights you can opt for games, walkings, etc..

Starting from the idea of building a place of refuge for the family, which had to be a small house built in the style peasant, became, finally, a place sufficiently for receiving friends, or friends of friends.

Distance to Suceava city is 45 km and can be reached by car on the 2 main ways:
1. Suceava - Arbore - Solca (DN 2, E 85);
2. Suceava - Ilisesti - Paltinoasa - Cacica - Solca (DN 17, 576 E)

Distances to the main towns:
1. 45 km from the city of Suceava;
2. 28 km from the tourist resort Gura Humorului (DN 17, 576 e);
3. 60 km from the tourist resort Campulung Moldovenesc (DN 17, E 576);
4. 294 km from the city of Cluj-Napoca (DN 17, E 576);
5. 182 km from the city of Iasi (DN 2, E 85, DN 17, E 576).

GPS Location: N 47*41'42,97" E 25*49'49,27

Pensiunea Ana Maria - localizare

The barding house will provide the following services:
  • 5 rooms equipped with:
    • bathroom;
    • TV;
    • radio.
  • boiler;
  • current hot and cold water;
  • terrace with:
    • barbecue;
    • hob with wood;
    • sink with 2 vats;
    • cooker;
  • fountain;
  • lunch.
Price list
Tariffs charged:
  • 120 lei / day / room (2 standard rooms)
  • 140 lei / day / room (2 superior double rooms)
  • 170 lei / day / room (1 luxury double room - apartment)
  • Extra bed 40 lei / child / night
Table (as at home mom):
  • breakfast: 30 lei / person / day
  • lunch: 50 lei / person / day

For holidays (christmas, new year, easter) there will be fees / promotional packages.